Aftercare Advise

Your treatment does not stop when you step of the couch, the effects of your treatment last a long time if you can help yourself enhance these benefits with a few simple actions.

Immediately after the massage, drink lots of water, at least 1 pint. This helps remove any unwanted toxins in your body.

Avoid caffeine, nicotine or alcohol for at least 6 hours. You are trying to get rid of toxins, not add to them.

Rest of the remains of the day/evening to allow your body to respond to the treatment.

Many of the problems that you may experience are related to your posture. If you think your posture is bad, you may consider seeing a therapist who specialises in postural alignment techniques, e.g. Alexander Technique or yoga or may look up some exercises that correct your posture

Look at your diet. Try to increase your fresh fruit and vegetables and try to eat at least 5 portions per day. Also, try cutting down on added sugar and salt, cut down on process food and aim to increase your water intake to 3 pints per day.

Try to get more exercise at least 20 minutes a day. All exercises that increase your heart rate/stimulating your circulation will help to improve your well-being.

If you smoke, try to cut down or even better, stop smoking entirely. In your own time when you ready – think about it, keep it in mind – in the long run smoking is bad for your health and also very costly – the money saved you could invest into receiving regular massage!

If your life style is stressful then try and relax, again yoga or meditation are ideal to help you with this. If possible, try to remove the cause of your stress, or find ways of managing your stress.



Regular massage is an effective way to reduce stress – remember you need to create your own time to simply care for yourself and enjoy a pamper now and again.

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