Behind the Scenes of Filming a Promo: Edge of Greatness

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It was a real pleasure to be asked to be involved in the promotional film making of the next Queensbury Boxing League Event ‘Edge of Greatness’.  Arriving at the venue on Sunday 4th November I immediately set about offering sports massage to both the boxers and the staff involved.

Filming was at the New Addington Amateur Boxing Club – second home to Juggernauts boxers Gareth Gardner and Steve Orford – who having begun their training here at a tender age, to this day continue to train at this venue with other boxers.

It was very interesting to have a ‘behind the scene’s view of how a promotional video is  made.  Boxers were interviewed one after the other and then asked to carry out an individual activity.  Some would be shadow boxing, some running outside, skipping and generally demonstrating how they would train in an average day.  Shots of hands being wrapped or weights being lifted were all added to the mix.  It was an eye opener for me to realise how much time and work was involved in this process, particularly the emphasis on remaining quiet during takes when boxers were being interviewed.  Working in the background, I made a conscious effort to ensure that my clients remained quiet throughout the filming, knowing that the use of my famous thumb during massage would be likely to cause howls of agony resulting in retake after retake to the extent that if I hadn’t exercised due care the production might never have finished 😀  It was an exciting atmosphere and the Eurosport staff were brilliant throughout.

With my set up arranged in the men’s changing room I was concerned at the room temperature being too cold.  Whilst aware that I had to keep noise levels to a minimum during treatments things didn’t always go to plan so I played it safe and decided to treat the boxers/trainers and Eurosport staff behind closed doors.  One after the other they laid down on my couch.  Will Gardner – trainer and father to Juggernauts Boxer and multiple title holder Gareth Gardner – has a highly strategic part to play in training the boxers at his gym.  He presented with problems in his shoulders, arms and elbows as a result of performing extensive padwork that had caused his arms to go numb and drop taking a while for him to recover and be able to lift them up again.  He explained that he was also unable to lift his arms above his head before his treatment. Having worked on the problem areas he was  happy with the end result.

Queensbury Promoter and Trainer Ross Minter was next on the couch after a heavy training session in the gym with runner Jacquie Russell followed by an extensive hill running session with Juggernauts Boxer Roo Abbott the following day.  He was suffering generally with tight shoulders/back from the gym session and tight hamstrings/quads and calves from the running.  His partner, fellow Queensbury Promoter Alan Foley presented with neck problems where he had somehow managed to effect a neck and thoracic spine compression whilst interviewing the boxers during the shoot.  Juggernauts Boxer Lee Cannon was rather keen to lie down and have his back worked on once shooting had finished and asked me to look at his left elbow which I treated.

I managed to encourage one of the Eurosport staff to lie down as he was complaining of headaches during the shoot.  A quick look at his  back and neck revealed they were very tight potentially blocking normal blood supply to the head leaving the brain with less oxygen which can cause headaches.  My post treatment advice to him was to drink plenty of water.

Juggernauts Boxer Roo Abbott was one of the first boxers to attend my practice in East Grinstead and had popped in to ask me to look at his tight shoulders and legs after his session with Ross  the previous day.  Knowing how vocal Roo can be on my couch and wanting my thumb to work its magic I made sure the doors were well and truly sealed and set to work on him in a relatively simple exercise of removing tension and loosening his back and shoulders in the interim –  although as I discussed with his trainer Ross Minter – he would need further extensive treatment in order to fully prepare for his up and coming bout later this month.

Lastly it was a pleasure to see the previously injured O’Neills boxer Sammy Holloway again who is very determined to get back into the boxing ring.  I first saw Sammy after a routine osteopathic and massage treatment that had left him still suffering with lower back discomfort.   I discovered that his previous massage treatment was more holistic rather than sports based and his hips were out of line by about an inch on one side.  After successfully realigning his hips (whilst he was being photographed by his friend who watched  Sammy endure a little pain and suffering) he was very pleased with the overall result and felt like a new man ready to fight again.

So whether you are on the Edge of my Couch or the Edge of your Seat here is the Edge of Greatness – minus the screams.  See you at the show. 😀

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