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734925_564701463549400_1925140475_n2013 kicked off with a brilliant show organised by the Queensbury Boxing League on the 23rd February at the Effingham Park Hotel.   It was a pleasure once again to be part of a show that on this particular occasion was raising money for St. Catherine’s Hospice.  It was good to see both new boxers and old friends.  With the previous show being some three months back, I’d actually started to miss them all 😀 Starting with the weigh-in at midday, the room was buzzing with both boxers and trainers as the fighters one by one stood on the scales to ensure that they had met the required 558080_540537079300460_934932617_n-1weight for their fight – or face the sauna.  A few boxers certainly did a sweat a few pounds off but it was more to do with lying under the palms of my hands rather than walking into a sauna 😀  I sat and chuckled as Ross Minter  announced my services to the boxers in the room using my nickname “The Sadist” saying “he is very good but a little bit Sadistic”  No pain no gain they say. 😀 After the weigh-in the boxers posed to have pictures done with the lovely Samantha Wordie, who works tirelessly from midday through to the conclusion of the event taking fantastic pictures.  After the photo shoot and the final medical checks have been made, I get ready to massage. O'Neals teamSetting up my sadistic table in the changing room, I watch and wait as one by one the boxers line up to lay underneath my hands.   I really enjoyed this particular event where I met a lot of new boxers and trainers and managed to convince them of the benefits of my sports massage techniques, persuading them to try my treatment which they found very useful.  It was equally great to see one of my favourite boxing clubs O’Neills who were being represented by around 5 boxers with their trainers.  My table was so busy that at times it would have been useful to have had two of me :D. Mussy Daniels, victorious in his fight, asked me for some shoulder and lower back Mussy Daniel 1massage. He was not in too bad a state compared to some of the boxers I had seen that night.  Slight tenderness over his right shoulder, with his Teres Major and Minor also slightly tender.  His lower spine was compressed in parts but using the myofascial release technique and some stretches I was able to restore order so that it felt like new. Jason ChayIt was good to see another O’Neills boxer Jason Chay on my table for a little shoulder warm up and back tension release and getting used to my sadistic techniques which obviously worked  for him as he came back to me for more. Another O’Neills boy Jason Pile Grey, victorious on the night required a good post fight massage stretching the hamstrings, quads and lower back Jason Pile Greywhilst also restoring some shoulder flexibility.  Due to the lack of a spare massage table, it was a challenge to work on the boxers between the two changing rooms but as always I managed to find a way – nothing is impossible for me. It was good to work on a few new boxers like Ben Walker who had a really tight right shoulder. I tried to loosen it up as much as possible but due to Ben Walkerthe constraints of time there was not much I could do. Post fight one of his trainers came to see me to ask if I could look at Ben’s right shoulder again because he was in pain. As he sat down on the couch, I tried to palpate it gently which caused him discomfort. He could not manage to do the arm raise tests both lateral and front without pain.  Looking at his shoulder and based upon the test results I was certain that he had sustained a dislocation but requested that he seek professional advice. I asked a member of staff to request for medical attendance and  was both pleased and relieved that the doctor confirmed my diagnosis as being correct which for Ben  meant a visit to hospital for an x-ray and appropriate treatment.  I wish Ben all the best for a speedy recovery and hope to see you at yet another Queensbury Boxing League event.  It was also good to have treated both of Ben’s trainers who were experiencing shoulder, leg and back problems as well as tight forearm muscles. I think it was an experience that they are unlikely to forget 😀 Another new Queenbury boxer on my table was Mat Piotzkowski, a Polish national whose Mat Piotzkowskitrainer complained of forearm muscle tightness especially within the forearm flexors, but I also found some problems on Mat’s Supinator muscle as well. After a few deep strokes and some STR he said his elbow felt  much more mobile and light. It’s always a pleasure to have new boxers to pass my advice onto. If they can be more in tune with the mechanics of their bodies they can then work towards being much better fighters. Luke TrueloveIn the welterweight division we had Luke Truelove who was also on my table requesting a little shoulder warm up. Both shoulders felt tender and the middle thoracic region of the spine was compressed. I used some kneading and some STR followed by some stretches. His hips were in line but the quads and the calf muscles felt tight. His neck muscles were tender and the major neck rotator muscles the Sternocleidomasteoids were tight on both side of the neck. It was nice to see Heavyweight Ross Lewis on my table as well. A local boxer, Ross has Unknownbeen visiting me for the past few weeks after his heavy training sessions as he wanted to keep his body in flexible condition and progress his shoulder dislocation which happened in August of last year.  Week on week, he has come back with positive feedback stating that his shoulder felt good and that both shoulders felt like they had the same strength in them which pleased me as it is always good to hear that my treatment has resulted in a positive outcome.  As he laid on my table I could tell that his shoulder was in good condition and ready to face his important fight. A few deep strokes to the shoulder with  Deep Heat,  making my eyes water, and he was ready.  It was  big moment for Ross Lewis and whilst I did not get to see the fight I had heard many positive comments and Unknown-1was pleased to hear that he managed to achieve a win against Daniel Soares midway through the third round with a TKO.  Sorry to have missed your fight Rossi – I was so busy upstairs preparing the boxers but I know you did your best!! Well done Rossi – I hope to see you again in preparation for your next fight. 🙂 I had the pleasure of working on Leroy Manhertz again. He went for the vacant Novice Heavyweight Title.  He asked me if I could warm up his legs, look at his knee and ITB Leroy Manhertz(Illiotibial Band) as well. The right leg which used to cause him issues in the past was not too bad. There was some slight tenderness around the area of the ITB and some tightness on the calf muscles but nothing more. The left leg seemed to be more tender and tight than before. His ITB and calf felt tender so I used a few extra strokes and STR on it. In the end I managed to loosen them up and get good flexibility in both of his legs. He fought brilliantly and went on to win against Michael Pilditch for the title belt in his category. Overall I was very pleased with the responses I received from both the boxers and trainers. My night was very busy but very enjoyable.  It is always my pleasure to attend these events and I would like to thank once again the Queensbury Boxing League for making it possible for me to do so.. JM BodycareRevertI look forward to seeing the boxers at at Epsom Racecourse on Saturday March 16th where there will be ‘Nowhere to Hide’ in more ways than one 🙂 Many thanks to Samantha Wordie for her kind permission for use of her pictures in this blog. All pictures can be purchased via her website

All proceeds from my sports massages were donated to St. Catherine’s Hospice

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