Quantum Aminoacids

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Amino acids are natural substances found in our body. 20% of the human body is made up of protein. It is necessary for the normal functioning of the body and for the harmonious work of all systems. The building block of the protein is the amino acid, the organic compound necessary for constructing the structure of the cell. But only 8 of them are used for the production of our own proteins, therefore they are called irreplaceable amino acids.

Quantum C – CALMING

Quantum C provides protective inhibition in the central nervous system. It reduces psycho-emotional tension, aggressiveness. Increases stress resistance. Improves mood. It facilitates falling asleep and normalizes sleep. Improves the function of the autonomic nervous system. Improves neurotransmitter processes. Increases in mental performance. Not addictive with prolonged use. More info on https://quantum-ims.com/S76/A999000179/Quantum/Quantum+C+-+CALMING

Quantum D – DETOX

Components of the mixture are key elements of metabolic reactions in the body’s vital functions. The amino acid combination D enhances the detoxifying function of the liver. It reacts with harmful substances, protecting cells from destruction, helps to purify the body of toxins and heavy metals. It binds and eliminates ammonia and other toxic products of tissue metabolism. More info on https://quantum-ims.com/S76/A999000180/Quantum/Quantum+D+-+DETOX

Quantum E – ENERGY

Pronounced nootropic (affecting mental activity )action by improving the energy metabolism of cells and the synthesis of their own amino acids and proteins. Improves the activity of the central and autonomic nervous system, strengthens cognitive functions, ensures the correct functioning of the psyche under increased physical and mental stress. More info on https://quantum-ims.com/S76/A999000181/Quantum/Quantum+E+-+ENERGY

Quantum F – FERMENTS

The special amino acid mixture F is effective in poor digestion, it will help to increase the production of gastric juice and digestive enzymes. With an excess of carbohydrates in the diet, it can reduce blood sugar, easing the pancreas burden and helping it synthesize other digestive enzymes for the small intestine. Has an influence on hypothalamus departments responsible for the appetite, decreases the dependence on carbohydrates. More info on https://quantum-ims.com/S76/A999000182/Quantum/Quantum+F+-+FERMENTS

Quantum I – IMMUNE

The amino acid mixture has a direct and indirect effect on the main components of the immune system. Optimal balance of amino acids in special proportions improves the immune status, improving health and the prevention of infectious diseases. It makes it possible for Mg and K ions to penetrate inside the cell and also extracts energy from complex carbohydrates for replication of RNA and DNA. More info on https://quantum-ims.com/S76/A999000183/Quantum/Quantum+I+-+IMMUNE


Helps protect the hepatocytes from oxidative damage by effectively removing harmful compounds. This is very important in cases of alcoholic and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, both of which can progress to liver cirrhosis or liver failure. Normalizes phospholipid metabolism, increases the phospholipids/cholesterol coefficient. Provides antioxidant protection, normalizes blood sugar level, increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin. More info on https://quantum-ims.com/S76/A999000184/Quantum/Quantum+L+-+LIVERACTIVE


Regulates carbohydrate and amino acid metabolism, including that in the brain, contributes to the normalization of metabolic processes. Activates energy processes, increases respiratory activity of tissues. Reduces the concentration of cholesterol and lipids, increases the amount of glycogen in the liver, improves its detoxification properties. Helps restore the elasticity of the arteries and reduce the severity of atherosclerosis.  More info on  https://quantum-ims.com/S76/A999000185/Quantum/Quantum+M+-+METABOLIC


Quantum S improves communication between the digestive organs and the central nervous system. By regulating the concentration of bile acids it helps to break down fat, normalizes the gallbladder and other internal organs. It enhances the synthesis of hemoglobin, which plays a key role in maintaining the integrity of red blood cells and provides an optimal ability to transfer oxygen. More info on https://quantum-ims.com/S76/A999000186/Quantum/Quantum+S+-+SUPPORTIVE

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