Quest for Glory – My View as Sports Masseur with the Queensbury Boxing League

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The Queensbury Boxing League Show ‘Quest for Glory’ held on Saturday 23rd September 2012 at Epsom Downs Racecourse was in my opinion a brilliant show and the best to date with some good quality, well matched fighters striving for victory.  With boxing clubs from across the nation bringing their best boxers to provide us all with a night of entertainment it gave me great pleasure to attend in the capacity of Sports Masseur and be a part of the organisation offering both pre and post fight sports massage to both boxers and trainers.

Indeed it didn’t take long before i had my first customer – Jimmy Harrison – who requested a sports massage thinking he is going to experience a relaxation massage.  After a few screams interrupted only by  my well known catchphrase ‘its only a thumb….’ Jimmy decreed that the experience although uncomfortable was worth it.  This was good to hear as he needed a fair bit of adjustment particularly to his shoulders and  his lower back particularly at T12 and Lumbar 1-3.  Following on from this I released his gluteus maximus and medius and finally stretched his Trapezius muscles, hip flexors and extendors.  This enabled him to execute a brilliant defence of his title crown with some excellent body shots.

Next on the couch representing Juggernauts Boxing Gym was boxer and existing client of mine – Steve Orford.

Steve has visited my practice privately and I did not expect to have to do a lot of pre fight massage on him but in actual fact it was necessary to increase the flexibility in his shoulders throwing in a bit of lymphatic drainage at the same time which is always symbolised by the client developing an increasingly blocked nose throughout treatment.  His right shoulder and major back muscles were tight but he was very brave, tolerating the deep massage technique without a single scream.  He had a very good fight and successfully defended his British Crown.

Following on from this I had the pleasure of treating Tobiano Mancuso – a contender for the Novice Lightweight Champion representing the Jumbo Boxing Group.  It was Toby’s first time on my couch and hopefully not the last.  My immediate observations were that whilst his upper body was in quite good condition there was a little tightness on the upper Trapezius part as well as some lower back compression caused by intensive running.  His glutes and Illiotibial Band (ITB) were tense and of course being flat footed would not help his tight calf muscles.  A fair bit of screaming and towel biting followed but he survived what he perceived as ‘torture’ and went on to win the title of Novice Lightweight Champion, proudly displaying his champions belt in the changing room afterwards.

The main event of the night was between Gareth Gardner and Danny Shannon who were preparing to fight for the title of Light Middleweight Champion.  Juggernauts Boxer Gareth came to me for some pre fight massage.  The proud possessor of both the British middleweight and super middleweight titles, he came to me as part of his final preparation towards obtaining the light middleweight champions belt.

After a quick palpation I was able to diagnose his problems which included a tight right shoulder/rotator cuff, lumbar spine compression from T12 to L4 and very tight glutes/hamstrings all due in the main to his pelvis being out of line on the right hand side.  There were a few issues with his arm flexors, medial epicondalis and pectorals both major and minor which after a good half hour of screaming and fighting on the table he was able to happily leave feeling better than ever and went on to successfully gain his third title belt after a 5 round bout.   it was a pleasure to congratulate him on his latest win before he was whisked off to be interviewed by UK Eurosports. It was also good to meet his wife Carla and other close members of his family. Well done Gareth I look forward to seeing your next fight.

The above examples were just a few of the highlights of an evening of top quality fights and I would once again particularly like to offer my congratulations to the other new champions namely Danny Parsons (Southern Area Lightweight Champion and fighter of the night) and Ben Middleton (Light Heavyweight Champion).  Overall the night belonged to Juggernauts Boxing Gym whose boxers managed to secure two titles, coupled with a victory for Lee Cannon and an excellent effort by George Greendale who was defeated by Mancuso.  The list is endless and all fighters fought their very best to provide a night of superb entertainment for boxing fans.

Finally i would like to take this opportunity to thank the Queensbury Boxing League for allowing me the opportunity to promote and provide my services to the boxers, trainers and staff on what was an extremely exciting and busy night for me.  I look forward to attending many more events in the future.

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