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On Friday 4th May, after another long week at work in my capacity as an occupational therapist and sports massage therapist, I find myself on the train to Finedon near Wellingborough in order to participate in the forthcoming weekend’s charity fundraising event for 13 year old Ben Talbot, a young boy who suffers from Global Development Delay and is unable to speak due to his undiagnosed condition.

The ‘Big Push’ involved 25 to 30 wheelchairs being pushed 4500 times around a quarter mile circuit in the village of Finedon – the equivalent of pushing a wheelchair from Lands End to John O’Groats almost twice.  An overwhelming amount of  volunteers appeared throughout the weekend to perform numerous quarter mile laps until the target  was reached

My original plan was to push a wheelchair for 5 miles on the Saturday morning which I managed to do quite comfortably in 1 hour 45 minutes. Following on from this I had planned to finish the day with a further fundraising effort by providing 10 minute ‘post wheelchair pushing’ massages at £5 a time to those needing some TLC.   But feeling rather pleased with myself and wanting to help complete the task as quickly as possible, I decided to push another wheelchair a further 11 miles during the course of the weekend – making a total of 16 miles – which in hindsight was probably a bit ambitious as I ended up straining my Tibialis Anterior – a muscle that runs along the front of the calf making it painful for me to walk downhill.  Being a sports masseur does have its advantages however and it was easy to heed my own advice with regards the importance of self massage which sure enough cured the problem within a couple of days 😀

Raising £280 via wheelchair pushing and £50 via JM Bodycare I was very pleased to be able to contribute to the £3000 raised so far that will go towards purchasing Ben some much needed communication equipment.  The weekend ended with a few Hungarian brandies, a couple of beers and a Jack Daniels by which time the only thing I was capable of was falling into bed for a well earned nights sleep 😀

If you would like to donate to the Ben Talbot fund please visit

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